2​-​19​-​10 Live in Brooklyn

by Mike Bruno + the Mouths of Mire

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Live at Freddy's Backroom in Brooklyn NY


released 26 February 2010
Backing band includes Paul Christian on wineglasses, harmony and percussion, JP Roy on waterphone, and Dave Roque on singing bowl and various atmospherics




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Mike Bruno New Brunswick

"Opium-den float rock." ~ The New York Post

"Bruno delivers lullaby-esque ventures into misty graveyards." ~ Freddy's Backroom

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Track Name: Summer Song
Rest your head mama says sleepy little baby
Turn the nightlight on, sing a bedtime song
The sandman will come and you’ll dream all night long
Of summers to come
Of castles of stone - flowers and sticks and fields to run
Lovers to love, princes and frogs

Papa says pray instead
Else noone is gonna save you
Young one when you’re alone and all the scary monsters
Out to get you. Come one Devil
Young one be strong.

The summers they come the summers then gone so save your steps and
Save your soul - the summers they come the summers they go))))))))))

Rest your head mama said, sleepy little baby
The summers they come. The summers they go find lovers to love while you’re still young
I know one day little girl their ghosts will dance circles around this wooden floor
I know one day little girl your ghost will dance circles around this wooden floor
I know one day little girl our ghosts will dance circles around the floor
Arm in arm in arm.
Track Name: No Knight Errant
the poor girl she waits, she plays with her braids
she does what she can, she pines on her plans
theres nothing better than food on the plate
she danced all the day until the day it flew away

how long will you wait?
no knight errant. love: it leaves
so love the leaves.

who the hell am i? only in your eyes
put me aside, turn out the light.
my dear old friend we're old friends just old friends
we're all friends, all friends old friends

give us something to count - father call your lambs down

when i get myself out of this place, when i break free of all of these chains will i find you again? love left a trail of breadcrumbs for us
Track Name: American Way of Death
The sun has bled out across this land
Over the fields and over my head and
Into the seas and the riverbeds
And out of the chalice and into my cupped hands - I’ll drink it down
And if this is your house you’ll drink it down with me

Quietly, move quietly.. On broomstick on big owls
We’re holding hands, this is an american way of death
Oh me oh my american ways of death - hands reach out and hands up on your waist come face
Two face.

I can feel the phantom mouth of hell
Opened, gaping and calling out - the eyes roll back and the eyes roll in
And out rolls a limp and limber red carpet

You can pin them down or cast your demons out
Or watch them grow strong with me

If this is the way I’ll race you down.
Track Name: November
It’s a lovely afternoon, unhoOoOoOoOoOly soft white gloom
Is pouring through my windows n down my walls
Lets get going lets be getn lost

Crows inside my room, they’re staring me down
Into my tomb - the crows they want me dead
They’ll pull the eyes right outta my head

If I go running down the halls and I’m not veryveryvery careful
Get caught up in a spider web I’ll b spun n the spider be fed

I’m stuck in the past with you. ~~old love and you
Slipped right through my fingers n now is gone
Lets keep going lets be getting lost
All of my keepsakes have gone run off
Track Name: The Hellhounds are Howling
no need to fear the sandman, when you grow up you'll be best friends
when you're carrying more baggage and you're writing your graveyard resume you'll be praying for a good nights sleep

my eyes are wide and widening. my sleepy head ain't sleeping this heavy head for heaven's sake this is hell and i'm wide awake i'm gonna sell my soul for a paycheck

the hellhounds are howling now, to hell with them

i spent my youth and my innocence found a home as a songsmith and it feels good to play and sing for an audience who will listen is the audience who will understand about growing old and mending

the hellhounds are howling now the hellhounds are howling now to hell with them

i'm an owl without eyes
you're a towel for my tears
you're an owl without eyes you won't find them here
i'm an owl without eyes you're a towel for my tears
Track Name: Fallen Kings
where has my love flown? i feel
a cold, cold wind has blown
candles move in the dark, i've fallen off my throne

fancy you tonight, you alone and i
the serpent i writhe beneath your cold feet
vampires bat their eyes and show their teeth
nightmares flap their wings inside of me
i've fallen off my throne, fancy you tonight

where has my love flown? stones
for the old and aging crone - dancers
faustian rags and fast asleep
phantoms bow and rise in the house of creeks
i've fallen off my throne
Track Name: April Showers
my girl
row along with me
and all the blackbirds
spinning around your head
sing their song of rest
is there nothing left?
my girl, my girl hang on to your pearls

plant your seeds in may, they'll grow up tall and straight
put them in your hair
my girl, my girl whats wrong in your world?
my girl hold on to your pearls
and row along the bends with me

la di da la di da lie lie lie die
Track Name: Rites of Spring Medley
cover up your eyes my lady you'll bring to mind
those dizzy summer days

(come little child, don't be scared - i know where the apple trees grow. are you hungry?)
Track Name: Black Horses
you missed a lot of my years, thats ok
i'm still here.
broke loose and high tailed - sight see, sight see
sight see, sight seen
fall out of the tree
you found yourself
you found yourself dead and you came alive

its a sad and haunted place this fairytale life
sing songs in the silence to kil the time when is well you
wish for the night ~ carousel rides

on the black horse you'll ride against the rising tides
on the black horse you ride
you found yourself dead and you came alive

her paper windmill eyes spill secret lullabies
spin a gentle sunrise
and clear the clouds up for the daylight to shine

you found yourself dead and you came alive.
Track Name: Ginny's Palms
all over it - i'm bored
cock my cupid gun, aim straight
don't get the shakes

waste with me la la la di da

off with her head, off with her head
genny's palms are red and dripping with spit
Track Name: Halloween Moon
tonight will stay with me
in this old house in my green room
love under a halloween moon
in this old house in my green room

where are these happy ends?
for me? for you and me?
don't rush into apologies, no
if you do care to dance sweep a broom and hide the clues
of love under a halloween moon in my green room
in my green room

tonight will stay with me in this old house in my green room

don't rush into your fantasy whirls, but if you do take me too take me too take me too