The Willing of the Wisps

by Mike Bruno + the Black Magic Family Band



Recorded August/September 2011 by Matt Marchesano in the Dreamcastle.


Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band deliver a huge dark-psychedelic, weirdo-folk cassette on Haute Magie. With twelve tracks, the tape covers a lot of ground for Bruno and the group. At points the album is incredibly sedated and heavy while at others it ventures upwards and moves to become much spacier, always retaining its antique feel. Bruno’s hugely emotional, reverb-drenched vocals contrasted by simple flowing guitar melodies give a giant space to the most mournful lines in tracks such as “In the Shade” and “The Boy Who Cried Worth”. These are juxtaposed with interludes by the Family Band with instrumentals such as the floating “Loose Web” and incredibly grounding resolution of “Midnight River Hags.” The entire album festers under a sea of degraded tape noise. It manages to sing out something that feels entirely familiar, not quite nostalgic, but entirely eventual. Definitely earthy-smelling. Attention Attention
Ein unscheinbares Bijou, das neuste Folk-Album von Mike Bruno aus Weird America. Voll magischer Kurzgeschichten, die leise an verwunschene Orte erinnern.

Die Songs auf “The Willing of the Wisps” wirken in ihrer LoFi-haftigkeit zufällig und scheinen doch ein Wink des Schicksals. Als hätte man in der dunklen Ecke eines Antiquariats ein verstaubtes Büchlein entdeckt, das auf unerklärliche Weise anzieht. Und sich beim Lesen im Kerzenschein als bezauberndes Bijou entpuppt, das Sagenhaftes vergessener Zeiten erzählt.

Voll sonderbar flüchtiger, dumpfer Kurzgeschichten, zwischen deren Zeilen einnehmende Magie steckt. Im legeren Instrumentarium der Black Magic Family Band, welche die näselnden Erzählungen des Märchen-Onkels Mike Bruno diskret untermalt und ebenso behagliche wie mystische Stimmung schafft.

Ein leises, unaufdringliches, aber atmosphärisch kraftvolles Album mit einzigartiger Aura, die das eigene Heim in Zwielicht taucht und zum verwunschenen Ort werden lässt. Erhältlich auf Kassette oder kostenlos runterzuladen via Bandcamp. ~ 78s - bessere musik!
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released August 1, 2012

Songs by M. Bruno
Recorded by M. Marchesano
Mastered by P. Christian

Additional instrumentations by the Black Magic Family, friends, familiars and castle dwellers




Mike Bruno New Brunswick

"Opium-den float rock." ~ The New York Post

"Bruno delivers lullaby-esque ventures into misty graveyards." ~ Freddy's Backroom

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Track Name: To the Vultures
when they found you, her fangs already in your neck
poor thing. no cure for it.
what more could we do?
to the vultures with you
Track Name: The Boy Who Cried Worth
certainly your good intent is driving me away
your hand in mine would burn so badly
surely, girl, your good intent is ruining my plan
i don't want to dance with you, i don't want you to want me to
i'm the boy who cries worth
you're the girl who's gonna get hurt
Track Name: Gates of Gloom
would you cut off her hands to such petty offense?
they've cupped the milk of moon
i have opened the gates of gloom, for amy
now she pines
she is sadder than i
her sadness has grown a tree
bearing fruit for you to eat
i will speak in tongues of hell, i will ring your wake-up bell
neither me, the thief, nor you
have the power to undo poor amy
now she pines
she is sadder than i
and her sadness has grown a tree
bearing fruit for you and me
Track Name: All the Castles We'll Wander
i can hardly wait to see your pretty face again
to have another taste of your honey
i would like to paint with you
all the castles we'll wander
what am i to send to far off distant lands?
love is light and kind, i'm loving all the time
and lovely is the night
the fire in your eyes is of the lasting kind
if i hold the key, i will set your magic free
wild flying beasts, all shadows in the moon
fields of happiness beneath our air balloon
the fire in your eyes is of the lasting kind
the fire in your eyes is of the lasting kind
Track Name: In the Shade
softly, she speaks in waves
her words are snakes to worm their way in
awfully plain to see
she is for you, she is for me
a lovely place to be
in the shade, no one can see
its a lovely place to be
in the shade, no one can see
tongues of lily white, don't shield your eyes
a mouth of mire to taste your sides
lonely in the grass, i'm free at last
hey, whats your name?
little girl, she's going to louisiana to find her cure
walk with me again
through the woods of no regret
its a lovely place to be
in the shade, no one can see
Track Name: Wandering Eyes
come closer rosy cheeks
molly cloak of green
that my wandering eyes might see
her kindness is smiling
a river flows in her, a mist of ghostly white
the welling in her eyes
in the rising of her tides
all my flowers will jump to life
Track Name: A Light in the Darkness
in the mire
we don't see eye to eye
a light in the darkness may never shine
go now to the water
and awake, you're mine
Track Name: The Black Wand of Suffering
cold wind, so we meet again
under your current i pass the time
what is it you want?
what is it you want from me?
glass-eyed lady love
hungry mouth and poison tongue
she wields and waves her black wand of suffering
healthy hands to sow and reep
poor heart in a bind, dorothy no more i'll see
she comes to me so longingly
weepy like the willow tree
dorothy no more i'll see
Track Name: Green Riverside
green riverside, your muddy banks to walk
and moss covered stone
will you sing me your song? are you hiding it from me?
will you keep so secretive?
and so, there must be a reason
in the evening your sad fountains weep
young lady, don't lie to me
last night i was lost
a grey fog of grey thought tried to swallow me whole
i'll be waiting night after night until you shed a little light
until you share with me your rhyme
when i meet you, i'll have cast a thousand stones
i'll be bones upon bones
i'll be glowing like a ghost
Track Name: Amy
amy, come say hi to me
across these city lines
we'll walk along the river's bends
amy come and stay awhile
i've got some things to show
park your car on the sidewalk, the neighbors they don't mind
but amy's fawned for a river horse
that handsome stallion
and amy's gone forevermore
these are bleak times
amy, come say hi